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Bike News Review – 4/1/14

Used bikes are a $2 billion business
Bicycle Retailer – 3/31/14
The used bike market is a $2.4 billion business in the U.S., with 7.5 million owners, according to a new study by Gluskin Townley Group, LLC. The study is the first research report that identifies the used bike market size, spending power and demographics, said Elliot Gluskin, managing partner of the Gluskin Townley Group.

NHP Brings Awareness To 2011 Bicycle Law
KOLO – 3/28/14
In Nevada, 3 cyclists have died in the last 6 months after being hit by cars. The Nevada Highway Patrol is now making a concerted effort to enforce road-sharing laws between cars and bikes that have been on the books for 3 years, but are not well known or understood by drivers.

Henderson strives to become a bicycling destination
Las Vegas Review-Journal – 3/28/14
The city of Henderson envisions itself becoming a nationally recognized bicycle community, the type that lures tourist dollars as a destination. While at its core the city’s Bike Henderson project is focused on events — such as today’s city-sponsored Bike Swap &Ride — to draw bike enthusiasts and novices from around the valley, the city’s long-term vision is on a grander scale.

University of Georgia installs bicycle repair stations
Online Athens – 3/27/14
Each station contains a tire pump and basic tools so that campus cyclists have the ability to perform maintenance-related tasks without taking their bikes off campus to be fixed. A QR code on each station also will allow bicyclists to view detailed instructions on their smartphones.

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