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The ultimate bling bike on eBay

bling¬†Neither description nor photos do justice to this magnificent pile of accessorized bicycle. It is listed merely as “Antique Bicycle.” Shamefully inadequate.

The pictures don’t help much either. They are dark and the cluttered background camouflages the varied detailed of the bike. I must admit that I’m not above hanging the occasional doo-dad or sticker to my bike, but I’m an amateur compared to this person.

In case you’re wondering what’s under the clutter, it really is an antique British bicycle.Actually it looks to be in pretty good shape under there.I suppose you could strip it down and restore it to its original state, but you would be a soulless Visigoth if you did.

With just under six days to go the bid is still only $20. If I had fewer bikes in the workshop that plus the $72 shipping would be well worth it.

See the full eBay listing

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