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Bike News Review – 2/16/14

Historical Society to discuss how bicycles shaped the early 20th century – 2/13/14
In 1963, Hugh Shuffleton Jr. reminisced about his school boy days in Pittville, Shasta County, and wrote “at the end of the summer of 1899, I traded my saddle for the finest and most speedy transportation of the day, a bicycle.”

Scott Sports aims to get bikes to kids who want to race in Utah
Bicycle Retailer – 2/13/14
Scott has created a purchase plan for high school athletes that allows them to buy bikes at a discount and get a free helmet and shoes. “Plus we are setting up a loaner program that will allow under privileged or low income kids to borrow a bike with the option to purchase later in the season.”

Tampa Police urge bike registration after increase in thefts
ABC Action News – 2/13/14
The number of reported stolen bikes in the city has risen over the last several years, causing some officers to step up their efforts to educate the public on how to secure their bicycles


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