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Schwinn Median Virtual Review

Never has bike had a more appropriate name than the Schwinn Median. It occupies the exact space of crossover between mountain bike, road bike and cruiser.

Actually there is a strong trend among high-end bike makers to produce do-it-all bikes, but while those try to combine the best of each breed with a few compromises , the Median leans much more heavily in the compromise direction. Hey, what would you expect from a $200 bike?

Sitting on the bike at Target the first thing I noticed was the comfort. It may not be the position of ideal pedaling efficiency but it felt like I could ride all day with feeling hunch-backed.

The second thing I noticed was the weight. Several customer reviews have mentioned how light it is but now I’m assuming their yardstick is a cheap heavy cruiser. It’s about ten pounds heavier than a similarly-priced road bike, though it does feel like it could handle quite a bit more abuse.

Speed: It’s faster than a cruiser but slower than most road bikes. Having just the rear gears is a nice compromise. My folding bike has this set up and have only encountered a few hills that caused any problem. This simplicity will appeal to people stepping up from a cruiser and the increased speed should generate a few smiles along the way.

As with all big store bikes you have to watch out for the assembly quality. Several customer reviews have complained about the brakes and the shifting. I the one I checked out the gears were perfect but the brakes were both slightly off center. Fortunately, simple instructions for adjustments are available online and can be done with simple tools.

So if you’re not sure of what kind or riding you’ll be doing the Median might be a good choice.


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