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Bike Cop News Review – 2/2/14

Newton Police deal with overflow of bikes in evidence locker
KAKE – 1/29/14
The Newton Police Department’s evidence locker is overflowing with bicycles and they say it’s taking up valuable space for important evidence in criminal cases. These are the bikes that are stolen, dumped somewhere, and then never claimed. The police have to store those bikes for 60 days. They have dozens of bikes in their evidence locker and now they have the overflow of bikes in a garage.

Police bicycle patrols return to downtown Hayward

Mercury News – 1/28/14
Hayward Police Officer Craig Fovel patrols the downtown area on bicycle in Hayward, Calif., Tuesday, Jan. 28, 2014. Officer Fovel has been patrolling the downtown on bike since the first of the year

Wisconsin cop chooses bicycle over squad car despite the frigid weather
WCSH – 1/28/14
A Milwaukee, Wisconsin police officer had the choice of patrolling in his squad car on his bicycle Monday, and he chose the bike! Officer Robert Waldoch chose to ride because he didn’t think the weather was that bad.

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