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Bike News Review – 1/17/14

Supreme Court to decide if bicycle trails trump property rights
Washington Examiner – 1/16/14
Marvin Brandt, 69, of Fox Park, Wyo., had his day in court  Tuesday — the U.S. Supreme Court — trying to regain his rights to the abandoned railroad bed that crosses his ruggedly scenic Medicine Bow homesite. The 200-foot-wide slice bisecting his 83-acre property was seized in 2006 by the U.S. Forest Service and now bears a bicycles-only recreation supertrail.

As People Die, Mayor Talks Up Campaign to “Be Nice”
SF Bicycle Coalition – 1/16/14
Telling people to “Be Nice, Look Twice” is not a substitute for meaningful change on our streets. We urge Mayor Lee to step up his commitment to stemming the tide of violence by committing to Vision Zero — zero traffic deaths in ten years — and to start taking action today for public safety.


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