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Bike News Review – 12/11/13

Could delivery apps signal a new renaissance for bike couriers?
Bicycle Times – 12/10/13
One of the fastest growing sectors of the mobile-app driven economy is delivery. You can get anything delivered these days. A car to pick you up, groceries from your local store, even the “green” economy is getting in on it.

A guide to a successful bike sharing program
Bike Commuters – 12/10/13
We’ve seen more and more cities roll out bike-sharing schemes, from Divvy to CitiBike, from Velib to Mejor en Bici. We LOVE bike shares, and we’ve seen them be wild successes and dismal failures.

Defensive driving on a bicycle
Reporter-Herald – 12/9/13
On a bicycle, it is important to be totally alert, utterly aware and hyper-focused on anticipating the actions of others. Call me paranoid, but I am determined to never be in an accident.A cyclist needs to have keen situational awareness or 360-degree knowledge of what is going on around them at all times. I call it hyper-vigilance.

San Diego OKs plan to double bicycle network
UT San Diego – 12/9/13
San Diego’s support for bicycling whooshed forward Monday with the adoption of a blueprint that calls for doubling the city’s bicycle network during the next 20 years. The City Council unanimously approved the San Diego Bicycle Master Plan Update, which builds on the city’s original bicycle plan of 2002

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