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Bike News Review – 12/4/13

Oak Park OKs law that requires bike helmets for kids
Chicago Tribune – 12/3/13
Parents of children under 17 will be required to pay a $25 fine or perform up to four hours of community service if their child is caught three times riding a bicycle without a helmet, under a law the Oak Park Village Board approved Monday.

Hadley poised to settle federal case with bicycle advocate; agrees to pay $27,500 in lawyer’s fees
Gazette Net – 12/3/13
According to the terms, the town has agreed to pay $27,500 to cover Damon’s lawyer’s fees. The pact, which town officials must still sign, settles complaints of malicious prosecution, illegal seizure of property and civil rights violations that were scheduled to be heard during a jury trial beginning Monday. It also spells out rights of bicyclists and motorists, including on Route 9 where Damon had been stopped by police on several occasions in 2009 and 2010 for riding his bicycle in the middle of the farthest right lane in a four-lane section during heavy traffic. Damon had his bicycle and a camera attached to his helmet confiscated during one of those stops and police pursued charges of disorderly conduct and illegal wiretapping.

Bicycle repair stations offer campus bikers easy access to tools
Penn State News – 12/3/13
Four stations now up at Stadium West, Thomas Building, Willard Building and Stuckeman Family Building

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