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Bike News Review – 11/20/13

New bicycle parking law catching cyclists off guard
WCSC – 11/19/13
The City of Charleston is cracking down on illegal parking for bicycles. An ordinance, which passed in October, took effect on Friday. The Charleston Police Department says since Friday, they have impounded at least 26 bikes. The law bans the securing of bicycles to parking meters, stop signs, street lights and trees on King Street between Calhoun and Spring.

Bicycle Advocate Sues Over Flower Street Shutdown
The Courant – 11/20/13
A bicycle advocate from Hartford’s Frog Hollow section is suing the state, saying that the Department of Transportation is endangering people by closing the Flower Street railroad crossing to pedestrians and cyclists. Christopher Brown said the DOT is violating its own rules by shutting off access before establishing a specific plan for building a pedestrian overpass.

Cyclist Fatalities Increase by More Than 6% in 2012
Urban Velo – 11/18/13
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has released it’s annual crash stats report and the news is rather bleak. Following six consecutive years of decline in traffic fatalities that trend was broken in 2012, when the number of fatalities rose 3.3%, an increase of more than a thousand additional casualties from motor vehicle crashes, from 32,479 in 2011 to 33,561 in 2012.

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