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Funky old Foldie on eBay

foldieThis is an amazingly ahead of its time folding bike. Most old, and many new, folding bikes have a step-through frame with a folding latch at the bottom.

The modern state of the art design is a higher tube with a miniature version of the traditional frame triangle below the seat. That’s basically what this bike is.

What’s missing is the arc of the modern tube which gives it strength and stability. The tube on this bike would probably flex quite a bit and would put a huge weight bias on the rear wheel. I think the reach to the handle bars would also be awkward.

Unlike most folding bikes which have totally utilitarian parts, this bike has a wonderfully sculpted chain guard and a cool chain ring. Also the frame evokes a tank bike with an integrated rear rack. Way cool.

The opening bid is $159.99 which is high but not excessive. Unfortunately the seller added a bunch of unrelated words in the title which may turn off potential buyers. The local puckup may be another issue. I don’t know how many vintage folding bike collectors live in or around Americus, GA.

See the full listing on eBay

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