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Bike News Review – 11/15/13

Residential parking sacrificed to bicycle lanes: Bike “wars?”
The Washington Times – 11/14/13
While many may claim they support alternate forms of transportation and bike-friendly communities, an individual’s views quickly change when they are forced to give up something that they feel entitled to, namely street parking close to their home.

San Jacinto: 40 cited in bicycle/pedestrian crackdown
The Press-Enterprise – 11/14/13
Forty people were cited by Riverside County sheriff’s deputies in San Jacinto Wednesday, Nov. 13, during a crackdown on pedestrian- and bicycle-related traffic violations. The operation targeted drivers who fail to yield to pedestrians, riders of bicycles, scooters and skateboards who do not wear helmets, and pedestrians making unsafe street crossings.

Boston unveils first bicycle helmet vending machine
Chicago Tribune – 11/13/13
The machine dispenses helmets for a rental fee of $2, if they are returned within 24 hours, or for purchase at $20. Returned helmets will be removed from the machine to be inspected and sanitized, the statement said.

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