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Bike News Review – 11/13/13

More places to park your bicycle in St. Augustine
First Coast News – 11/12/13
The city of St. Augustine has just started putting up more bike racks in the downtown area. Twenty-five racks in five locations are going up because the city has noticed the increased interest in riding bikes and the need for bike parking.

Rochester area to study bicycle-sharing system
Democrat & Chronicle – 11/11/13
A public bicycle-sharing system may be coming to the Rochester area, depending on the results of a feasibility study to be commissioned this week. Such programs, through which people can rent bicycles for short-term trips at designated check-out points, are in place in dozens of cities across the country, from Spartanburg, S.C., with 14 bicycles available, to New York City with 10,000.

Hawaii Tries To Solve Transportation Mess With Bike-Sharing Recommended
Skift – 11/11/13
“Waikiki is one of the most popular resorts in the world, but it never had an initial transportation plan,” said Mike McCartney, Hawaii Tourism Authority president and chief executive.”Long-range traffic planning is very important to reduce safety and improve congestion in Waikiki.”

A Wonderfully Simplified Map of San Francisco’s Bicycle Infrastructure
The Atlantic Cities – 11/12/13
“As a longtime cyclist, I recently realized that the mental map that exists in my mind of San Francisco is different from most (and importantly does not exist in print form),” Kladney writes at “See-Through Maps,” a cartography symposium held earlier this month at UC Berkeley. To satisfy his personal curiosity, he sat down one recent day to translate the map in his head into one you can view online. The result is this wonderfully simplified version of San Francisco’s bicycle infrastructure, with routes between popular destinations given as colorized tubes not unlike the city’s metro map.

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