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Bike News Review – 11/10/13

Bicycle gangs of Los Angeles: The quintessential car city is in the throes of a cycling revolution
The Independent – 11/9/13
Along with a new bike path that will run alongside the LA river, the city is hosting an ever-increasing collection of organised group rides through its near-deserted late-night streets. Tim Walker joins one of the most celebrated, successful and serious of these regular rides, the Wolfpack Hustle, for its annual Midnight Drag Race

Bicycle Wars
Bacon’s Rebellion – 11/9/13
For decades the issue was settled — the streets belonged to automobiles, with pedestrians confined to sidewalks as second-class citizens. Bicycles didn’t figure into street design at all. But those days are over as increasingly assertive cyclists agitate to carve out space for bicycle lanes and bicycle parking.

Florida planning U.S. Bicycle Route for long-distance bike travel
Sun-Sentinel – 11/8/13
Traveling long distances isn’t just for motorized vehicles. A bike, apparently, will do just fine for some. To make sure bicyclists can make their way across the entire state of Florida, the Florida Department of Transportation has embarked on establishing a bike route following the outline of U.S. 1 that runs from Jacksonville to Key West.

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