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Mongoose Hex Review

mongoose hexThis bike, the Mongoose Hex, caught me by surprise on my last visit to Walmart. It’s cheap, simple, rugged and I want one. Not that it I think it’s a great bike or anything like that, but it fills a need I hadn’t previously imagined.

It is the perfect “second” bike. When traveling in my RV I have a folding bike which is great for paved roads and OK for smooth, flat dirt roads and trails.

However I’m often encountering roads and trails too rough for the folder. The Hex would be the perfect bike for such occasions. It’s not so expensive that it would be a waste leaving it strapped to the back of the motorhome or worry about trashing on some mountain trail.

The second bike function might also carry over to someone with a nice road bike that occasionally wants to take to the turf.

My quick ride around the aisles went well enough. The 29 inch tires rolled over bulky stuffed animals with no difficulty. The gearing is low enough to tackle the kind of hills I’d be likely to tackle, but might be lacking for a true mountain biker. I even managed a quick wheelie before attracting too much attention from one of the blue vests.

My first reaction was that it would be better with a coaster brake, but imagining coming down a rough trail I can see the logic of the hand brakes. As with most bikes lately the levers were too small for comfort. Or maybe I just have fat hands. Either way if I did but this I’d probably swap in longer handles.

I read several other reviews online and the only consistent problem seems to be the lack of proper lubrication during assembly. That can’t really be blamed on the bike.

There were some other problems listed but they were mostly bike snobs and misinformation. One site didn’t like it but called it a fixed-gear, which it isn’t.

To sum up, if you are looking for a cheap second bike this might be the one. If you’re looking for a serious mountain bike, this isn’t it.


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