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Carbon fiber fixie frankenbike

frankenbikeMost frankenbikes are assemblages of whatever parts were laying around the shop at the time. You don’t often see examples like this one made up of what appear to be all nearly new parts.

I must admit that this is the first carbon fiber framed frankenbike I’ve ever seen. The combination is bizarre. A time trial frame converted into a fixie cruiser.

My biggest question is what would you use this for? Time trial frames are light and aerodynamic but really uncomfortable. Fixies are usually urban bikes known for their durability. Carbon fiber frames are not known for rugged durability.

All that said the current bid is only $10.50 with shipping of only $60. At that rate it might be worth it just to get the parts for use in a more suitable fashion. Maybe there is a 30 speed cruiser bike out there that needs a transplant.

See the full listing on eBay

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