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Odd promotional folding bike on eBay

pepperI know that anything with coca-cola plastered on it is worth three times as much as a plain thing, but does the same hold true for Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper? Though it is kind of cool that the frame looks kind of like a soda can.

On the other hand, what is there about a folding bike that screams diet cherry soda? I guess if you’re drinking diet soda you’re the exercise type.

Dubious promotional value aside. It looks like a pretty nice bike. It folds up fairly tight. It has a rear suspension. It has 5 speeds. Best of, as the listing says, “Never been unfolded.”

At only $75 opening bid and $50 shipping it would be a bargain. It still has three days to go though, so I doubt it will go that cheap.

See the full eBay listing


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