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Bike News Review – 10/17/13

Shutdown caused delays, extra costs in bike industry
Bicycle Retailer – 10/17/13
The bike industry likely will never tally all the delays and extra costs that resulted from the federal government shutdown that ended Thursday. Many shops lost sales as local federal workers were out of work, and many businesses dependent on national park tourism were harmed, although that was eased somewhat when some states paid to open the parks.

Bicycle bills: Michigan House OKs new turn signal, may consider added penalties for injury or death
M Live – 10/16/13
Current law, as established shortly after World War II, requires bicyclists to use their left arm to signal a turn in either direction, holding it straight out to turn left and bending it up at the elbow to turn right. House Bill 4866, introduced by state Rep. Anthony Forlini (R-Harrison Township), would allow cyclists to simply extend their right arm when planning to turn in that direction.

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