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Bike News Review – 10/16/13

Myrtle Beach subcommittee works to address bicycle, pedestrian safety
Myrtle Beach Online – 10/15/13
Bicyclists and pedestrians could eventually begin to see safer roads and sidewalks in Myrtle Beach if a new city committee is successful. The newly formed Planning Commission Bicycle and Pedestrian Subcommittee had its first meeting Tuesday to share concerns and begin to lay out goals toward creating the city’s first master plan for bicyclists and pedestrians in the city.

BitLock offers a bring-your-own-bicycle approach to bike sharing
engadget – 10/15/13
Unless you’re an enraged motorist, there’s plenty of good to be found in the current push for big city bike sharing programs. BitLock is certainly in keeping with the spirit of such initiatives, albeit on a much more localized scale. The proposed product is essentially a standard bike U-lock that communicates with Android and iOS devices — get within proximity and click the unlock button on an approved handset and the BitLock opens up for you. The device is, thankfully, weather-resistant and has a battery that should last up to five years, according to claims (and you’ll get a notification on your phone when it’s finally ready to shuffle off this mortal coil).

Amtrak tests bicycle roll-on service on Capitol Limited route between Pittsburgh and D.C.
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette – 10/15/13
Linda McKenna Boxx said she has been trying for more than a decade to get Amtrak to improve accommodations for bicycles on its Pittsburgh-to-Washington, D.C., trains, which closely follow the trails that connect the two cities. On Tuesday, that goal moved a step closer to reality, when Amtrak allowed 20 bicyclists to take their two-wheelers onto the Capitol Limited train in Pittsburgh in a one-day trial of roll-on service.

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