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Vintage Transgender Bicycle on eBay

transgender bicycleThis weird-looking machine started life as a woman’s bike but at some point some owner, with considerable metal-working skill, decided he wanted a man’s bike. (AKA transgender bicycle) Well, technically there is no down tube, but it’s the best that could be done with the parts available.

Being made of steel I imagine there would be quite a bit of flex under hard peddling but I guess hard-peddling is not the top priority for anyone interested in owning this bike. This is for those slow cruisers looking for a whole bunch of WTF conversations.

This really is a class piece of work though. Looking at the close-ups of the former and newer weld points they all look nice and clean. If you didn’t know what the bike was supposed to look like you might think it was just some weird company’s attempt at style.

Unfortunately we have another ridiculously high opening bid at $289 with local pickup only. I’m not sure there are that many serious specialty bicycle collectors in Grand Rapids.

See the full listing on eBay

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