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Bike News Review – 9/22/13

Pittsburgh Custom Bike Builder Helps Man Ride Again
Urban Velo – 9/22/13
The first time Mr. Trimble rode a bicycle was in 2000, in St. James, Mo., where he attended a boarding school. His gym teacher took an old bike and, in place of its handlebars, installed a metal pipe stretching out to one of his stumps. He rode that bike for 18 months and fell in love with cycling.

A cyclist’s mecca, with lessons for Boston
Boston Globe – 9/22/13
The intersection at De Koppeling Street is the kind of sight that might render a Bostonian speechless. It’s a double-decker roundabout. The top level functions like a normal rotary, cars entering and leaving from four directions. That bit of controlled chaos New Englanders know well. But on a level just below the cars, there’s another rotary, this one is just for bikes. As cars flow through the circle overhead, a steady stream of businessmen and moms and 12-year-olds wend their way through the intersection on their bicycles, safe, separated from cars, and undisturbed.

Attaching bicycle-pedestrian structure to Blanchette Bridge considered
St. Louis Post Dispatch – 9/21/13
Bicyclists, walkers and runners could use the Blanchette Bridge over the Missouri River in coming years — via a separate structure attached to the bridge’s eastbound span. The nearby cities of St. Charles, Bridgeton and Maryland Heights expect to team up with a regional parks agency and state transportation officials to pay for a $233,900 engineering analysis of the idea.

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