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Vintage High-Tech Scooter on eBay

scooterThey don’t make em like this anymore. As a matter of fact I would have bet that they never made them like this even then.

First of all I didn’t know Schwinn made scooters. Second of all I have never seen a scooter with four-wheel steering. That’s right folks, you turn the handlebars and all the wheels follow along. Cool.

Then again, if you look closely you’ll notice what caught my attention. ROD BRAKES! Wisely they put the brakes only on the rear wheels.

So how would this compare to something like a modern Razor scooter? First of all I imagine that it would be slightly heavier. OK, much heavier. The braking system alone would probably outweigh the Razor. Unfortunately I can’t imagine that anyone would ever use this thing. It seems destined for a shop window or the far corner of some rustic museum.

See the full listing on eBay

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