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Glorious Kids Bike on eBay

ferbedoThere is so much to love about this little bike. The body is a pleasant departure from the standard frame, yet the wide-open wheels give the impression of lightness. Any kid would look cool riding this.

Most importantly though, it has a rod brake! Regular readers will know of my affection for this anachronistic mechanism. This one, rather than causing friction on the rim, if rubs on the tire. Stupid cool.

Another amusing detail is the the name of the company that built it, Ferbedo. It sounds like a kids toy company. Like it was manned by elves or something. Seat aside there isn’t anything major missing so it should be a fairly easy restore.

See the full listing on eBay

So is it worth the $249 opening bid and $40 shipping. I don’t know. I wouldn’t pay that much but I’m a cheap bastard. I found a mint condition example for sale in Switzerland for $500.

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