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Cool vintage Mexican bike on eBay

mexicanI love rod brake bikes but I’ve never seen one like this before. It has both front and rear brakes actuated by rods. Never seen a rear rod brake before. It’s a clever mechanism.

The bike was made by Mercurio which is from Mexico. I knew there were bikes made in Mexico but I didn’t know there were exclusive Mexican brands. I looked at their website but unfortunately they’ve moved on to more modern braking technology.

Brakes aside this is a cool-looking bike. The black paint and way shiny chrome make for a stylish ride. Oddly it looks more modern than it probably is. The ad doesn’t indicate the actual age.

The opening bid is only $65 and the shipping is $75 so if nobody else bids I may be able to justify getting this one for myself.

See the full listing on eBay

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