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Bike News Review – 9/2/13

City of Charlottesville Offering Bicycle Education Classes
NBC 29 – 9/1/13
People living in Charlottesville have the chance to take free bicycling education classes this month. The city of Charlottesville is launching the pilot program in an effort to promote safe cycling.

Burleson gears up for new bicycle paths
Star Telegram – 9/1/13
Riding bikes to neighborhood schools or walking to a nearby park will be easier — and safer — thanks to federal dollars that are paving the way for more bike trails and sidewalks.

Flint’s Amtrack route is getting bicycle-friendly
M Live – 9/1/13
The Michigan Department of Transportation said in a news release that starting Sept. 6, bicycles can be transported on trains that run daily between Port Huron and Chicago via Flint, East Lansing and Kalamazoo.

Boston officials hoping to improve road safety
NECN – 8/30/13
They lured bicyclists in with free breakfast, and a bunch of vendors were present to tell people about their products that cater to bicyclists, but the real message of this bike Friday end-of-the-summer special is that they want to try to reduce the number of accidents that involve bicyclists.

Camden opens new bicycle lanes, completes roadway improvements
Star Ledger – 8/30/13
The projects, funded through a $5.6 million federal transportation grant, are part of a larger effort — a regional network of trails and bicycle lanes stretching 750 miles across Philadelphia and South Jersey. So far, 250 miles have been completed.



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