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Bike News Review – 8/30/13

Total jerk steals Chicago’s bicycle library
Grist – 8/29/13
Only a very specific kind of person would steal a custom trike that delivers library books. That sort of person either subsists on rubber or is a heartless bastard who routinely kicks kittens and poops on babies. Seriously, go hump a Hummer or something. You mess with the bike library, you unleash a helmeted pack of literati who will date-stamp you into the next century.

Big-rig driver at fault in fatal SOMA bicycle collision
KTVU – 8/29/13
The coalition has criticized the Police Department’s handling of the case, both for not finding the surveillance video and for a sergeant [Ernst] who allegedly stopped at the event last week, parked in the bike lane and told people there that Le Moullac was at fault for the collision. Suhr said the department was apologizing for that incident.

Who’s Out There On The Roads? The 4 Types Of Cyclists
Forbes – 8/27/13
People who prefer to get behind the wheel of a car for every trip often wonder what motivates someone to cycle everywhere. Now, researchers at McGill University in Montreal have come up with some answers. Their new study divides cyclists into four types: dedicated cyclists, path-using cyclists, fairweather utilitarians, and leisure cyclists.

Des Moines draws lines to become ‘Bicycle Friendly’
Des Moines Register – 8/28/13
Motorists and bicyclists are urged to do what mother always asked: share. That advice became official this week on downtown Des Moines streets when shared-lane street markings — painted stick-figure bicyclists with arrows — were finished along Locust Street and Grand Avenue from west (Western Gateway Park) to east (Iowa Capitol Complex) and a north-south vine connecting them on one-way Fifth Avenue with a “contraflow” bike lane, the only one in Iowa. Cyclists pedal into one-way traffic, albeit in their own bike lane set off by double yellow lines.


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