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Chattanooga cycles up plans to improve safety for bicycle transportation
Times Free Press – 8/13/13
Speed limits could be lowered, parking spaces added and more speed bumps installed in neighborhoods as part of Mayor Andy Berke’s plan to improve transportation in Chattanooga. But with the city’s rising reputation in the world of bicycling, the newly formed Department of Transportation is already studying where to add bike lanes.

U.S. e-bike sales doubled in last year
Bicycle Retailer – 8/12/13
eCycleElectric International Consultants, searched customs and border protection records, surveyed dealers, conducted internet searches and interviewed distributors and dealers to come up with the estimate. ECE said about 159,000 e-bikes sold in the U.S. in the last year, compared to about 70,000 in the prior 12 months.

Lady Commuters Are On a Roll!
Bike Commuters – 8/12/13
The League of American Bicyclists recently released a “first-of-its-kind report showcasing a trend seen on streets nationwide” Apparently, stats are showing that Cycle Ladies are changing the face bicycling (duh), and bicycling is transforming the lives of said lady commuters (double-duh and high fives!)

Nonprofit offers free bicycle repairs
JDNews – 8/11/13
Get Wheel will be in Jacksonville four times between Aug. 23 and Oct. 18. Each time, area children can bring their bicycles to volunteers at the given site to be repaired by volunteers.


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