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Bike News Review – 8/9/13

Federal Highway Administration Explores Separated Bikeways
Urban Velo – 8/9/13
The Federal Highway Administration has expressed a newfound interest in developing separated bikeways, aka cycle tracks. The agency, which is a division of the U.S. Department of Transportation, has circulated a task order proposal request to several contractors in an effort to launch a collaborative study on the design and safety of cycle tracks within varied settings.

Bicycle safety a two-way street
The Abilene Reflector-Chronicle – 8/8/13
The breeze, the freedom, the endorphins. The rules. Many people enjoy cycling as a way to experience the outdoors while getting their exercise, but if they do not follow the rules of the road, they may not have a body with which to cycle.

APD Hopes Bicycle Registration Will Recover Stolen Bikes
KEYE TV – 8/7/13
Now Austinites can register their bicycles, just like they register their vehicles.APD says nearly 200 bikes have been reported stolen from Downtown Austin, this year alone. More than half of people who have their bicycle stolen do not have a record of the serial number.

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