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Bike News Review – 8/1/13

US Cup drops USAC sanctioning for its events to protest UCI Rule 1.2.019
Cycling News – 7/31/13
The move comes after what the US Cup called “USAC’s ambiguous stance and continued blame of the UCI for the possible enforcement of rule 1.2.019, which prohibits licensed pro and amateur riders from racing in non-USAC sanctioned events starting in 2014”.

Turning a boost in bike commuting to an economic gainMore bike commuters = economic boom
Detroit Free Press – 6/21/13
From custom frame builders in Detroit and messenger bag makers in Philadelphia to a bike-share startup in Tampa, the new bike-based economy is flourishing in U.S. cities. This startup ecosystem includes tour companies, pedicabs, mountain bike parks, artisan rack welders, bike rental outfits, bike-friendly bars and app developers.

The Importance of Bicycle Collision Data
Gapers Block – 7/31/13
Cycling in Chicago is becoming more and more popular not only as a source of recreation and exercise, but, for many, as the primary method of transportation. The warm weather attracts people to their bikes and now with the Divvy bike-share program expanding on what seems to be a daily basis; more and more cyclists have taken to the road. Many commuters have also replaced vehicles with bicycles as a way to save money, avoid traffic and parking woes and help the environment.

Urban Cycling Hall Of Fame Collections Call
Urban Velo – 7/31/13
“The Urban Cycling Hall Of Fame serves to spotlight the history and rich culture of cycling in the city. To date there have been hundreds of nominations for potential inductees, and the window for this year’s nominations is closing quick.




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