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Bike News Review – 7/9/13

Dahon to Offer Folding Bike-Share
Urban Velo – 7/9/13
Dahon Bikes is gearing up to launch an innovative bike-share program that will offer riders an opportunity to borrow a bike that will not only aid in their commute but also fit into tight spaces, like crowded buses and trains, or indoors should one not have a lock to secure it.

Bike commuting infographic from the UK
Bike Commuters – 7/9/13
Getting to and from work is always a topic is in the news. Not only are there various options, there’s also debates over which is the best way to do it. While the majority of people will probably stick with their cars and swear blind that they’re superior, the cycling scene is actually gaining continuous popularity. According to Express Solicitors’ new infographic, since 2003 over three quarters of a million more people in the UK have decide to get out their bikes and cycle their way to work. That is a dramatic and impressive increase in people altering their normal routine for an apparently faster, healthier and cheaper way to work.

Japan man arrested over high-end bicycle auction plot
The Straits Times – 7/9/13
A Japanese comedian was arrested on Tuesday after allegedly staging an online auction of an acquaintance’s valuable bicycles, then stealing them for sale to the highest bidder, reports said.


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