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Bike News Review – 7/4/13

Revelo LIFEbike by Henry Chong
Bicycle Design – 7/3/13
I mentioned Henry Chong in a 2010 post about electric bikes that were pushing the boundaries of the category, so it is no surprise that his latest e-bike doesn’t look like the ones you see on the market today. Unlike his speed oriented Panasonic e-bike concept, the Revelo LIFEbike (Lightweight, Intelligent, Flexible, Electric bike) is a “minimalist, chainless, e-bike with a front wheel pedaling configuration.”

‘Soft’ sidewalks to reduce bicycle crashes
Tree Hugger – 7/3/13
At the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), researchers are working on a new form of asphalt that has enough friction to reduce bicyclists’ slide-outs, while at the same time it cushions vibrations if a cyclist does fall.

Bicycle commuting: A guide to surviving the summer heat
The Oregonian – 7/3/13
nothing is more unforgiving on even a short-distance cyclist’s body than the heat waves of summer. With temperatures dancing in the 90s this week, MAX trains aren’t the only vehicles that should take it slow.


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