Bike Shaped Objects

Funky bikes and news
Bike News Review – 6/23/13

Ugly Bell Hand Painted Bicycle Bells
Urban Velo – 6/22/13
Bells’ are popular accessories in town — ding when you see your friends, ding when you need to get around someone in the bike lane, ding just for the sake of dinging. They’re also an easy place to add some personalization to your bike, with no shortage of bell sounds and designs available.

Top gadgets and gear for bicycle officers
Police One – 6/20/13
Now that warm weather is here again, some cops are getting out of their cars and onto bikes. Cycling is popular enough in the United States and Canada that there is a vital industry of innovators producing new gadgets and gear for bikes. Some of this stuff is designed specifically for cops, and some can be adapted for police use.


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