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Funky bikes and news
Bike News Review – 6/12/13

Bicycle racks open up city to riders
Ottumwa Courier – 6/11/13
Community Transformation Grant director Joni Elder said too often riding the city bus is stigmatized as being “only for poor people — and that’s just not true.” Taking the bus is the perfect form of alternate transportation, she said, and now being able to sling your bicycle on the front of a bus provides the public with more access to more of the city.

Bike Washington, DC
Bicycling – 6/10/13
Once the sole domain of stalwart commuters, messengers, and spandexed roadies, Washington, DC, is now home to a diverse cycling culture thanks to a flourishing 56-mile bike-lane network and one of the nation’s largest bike shares.

BIKES: Science on Two Wheels
Carnegie Science Center
Carnegie Science Center is teaming up with The Bicycle Museum of America, Bicycle Heaven, and others to offer a diverse collection of historic, rare, peculiar, and all-around amazing bikes! Visitors will enjoy science demonstrations and hands-on exhibits that explore energy, forces and motion, engineering, and material science. Starts June 15

Bicycling in Florida: Is there trouble in paradise?
The Daytona Beach News Journal – 6/9/13
Florida has had the highest bicycle and pedestrian fatality rate in the nation. Additionally, of the most dangerous counties to ride a bike in Florida, Volusia County is in the top 10. We want to change that. This is one top 10 list we do not want to be on.


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