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Bike News Review – 6/7/13

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Urban Velo – 6/6/13
Updated more or less daily with a new portrait of a New York cyclist he stops on the street, he aims to document the diverse style of the riders he sees on his travels.

New agreement expands bike routes in national parks
Bicycle Retailer – 6/6/13
The National Park Service and the Adventure Cycling Association recently signed a five-year agreement in which both groups will work collaboratively to build a nationwide bike route through national parks.

The Powerful, Totalitarian Bicycle Lobby and Its Man In City Hall (In 1900)
Chicago Mag – 6/4/13
There’s no lobby like there used to be, at least. My friends and I were discussing Rabinowitz’s wonderful performance, and one of them, a historian, pointed out that the League of American Wheelmen was once the most powerful transportation lobby in the country—a big advocacy group that could draw 20,000 to its annual convention, lobby legislatures for road building, and help elect a mayor of Chicago.

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