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Bike News Review – 5/24/13

BART Removes Rush-Hour Bike Ban for Full Five Month Trial
SF Bike Coalition – 5/23/13
On Thursday night, BART Board of Directors voted to hold a five-month trial, allowing bicycles on trains during all hours of the day, and removing a key obstacle to regional travel by bike. The five month lift of the “bike blackout” will run July 1-December 1.

Aero Is Everything, including Small Dogs
Bike Hugger – 5/24/13
As you’ve likely read by now, Spesh built their own wind tunnel in Morgan Hill. Having been on campus a few times, we know they crew that works there has a sense of humor. In the off hours expect they’ve either tested kegs v. cases of beer OR dogs. And it’s dogs!
(You must see the picture! – Tom)

Swatara Township Police to hold bicycle safety awareness event for children
The Patriot News – 5/24/13
All participants will visit several safety stations. They will receive a helmet check, a bike inspection and learn proper signaling and the rules of the road. An obstacle course also will be part of the event.

Driver Tweets Hit and Run
Urban Velo – 5/24/13
A young driver clipped a cyclist with her mirror, sending him off the road, into the trees, suffering minor injuries…but…but…instead of stopping and making sure he wasn’t DEAD or anything, she instead decides to tweet it out to the world and even justifies the act by saying cyclists don’t pay the road tax, so it doesn’t matter.



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