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Bike News Review – 5/2/13

Why you should see Yellowstone by bicycle
Billings Gazette – 5/2/13
There are several good reasons for riding a bike into Yellowstone National Park in spring. First, and probably foremost, is the ability to take your time and really observe, smell and hear the landscape. My bicycling buddies and I stopped at most of the roadside pullouts, or at least rode through to see if there were any wild animals nearby or in the distance. (This had the added advantage of giving me time to catch my breath and get out of the saddle.)

Brooklyn Bike Jumble 2013
Urban Velo – 5/2/13
The annual Brooklyn Bike Jumble is coming up on May 11, marking the fifth year in a row for this flea market. Form used bikes to discounted new models, NOS parts to basement finds sounds like a bit of everything.

National Bike Month is here!
Bike Commuters – 5/1/13
Welcome to another edition of National Bike Month! Bike Month may not feel particularly special to those of us who are year-round commuters…however, this is a great time to encourage folks “on the fence” to give bike commuting a try.

Tips for Sharing a Busy Bike Lane
SF Bike Coalition – 5/1/13
Bicycling is booming in San Francisco. In the last five years, the number of people biking in our city has increased a whopping 71%! That’s a good thing: it makes our city cleaner, more healthy and opens up more space on crowded Muni for those who need it. But it means that in some parts of San Francisco, bike lanes are really full.


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