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Bike Cult Announces Hand-built Bicycle Show in Brooklyn
Urban Velo – 4/29/13
Bike Cult Handbuilt Bicycle Show – Custom bespoke bicycles will be shown by their makers to the general public. There will be at least 20 builders in attendance, and their bicycles will run the gamut in style, from no-holds-barred racing bikes to sedate picnic cruisers.

Green Lane Project announces $125k in grants in five cities
Bicycle Retailer – 4/29/13
Bike Belong’s Green Lane Project awarded $125,000 in grants on Monday to five cities working on green lane projects: Austin, Chicago, Portland, San Francisco and Washington, D.C. A local non-profit in each city will receive $25,000 to build the case for how green lanes in their community benefit local businesses.

Operation Feed the Homeless:Mobile Bicycle Repair Unit
Bike Commuters – 4/29/13
While my family was serving, I busted out my mobile bicycle repair unit. This consisted of a push cart, work stand, grease, lube, tools and truing stand. It may sound funny, but I do feel that God has blessed me with the ability to work with my hands and he’s allowed me to be very good at it. This was my way of giving back to those who are less fortunate. Not only was I able to help people, but I’m working on bikes and that’s one of my favorite things to do.



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