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The Green Bike on eBay

greenbikeThere is a movie called THE YELLOW ROLLS ROYCE. It’s not very good. It follows the car from new through the years as it passes from owner to owner. Each owner has a story blah blah blah.

My dislike of the movie aside, this bike seems to call me to write a similar story around the various owners of a bike. I could call it THE GREEN BIKE.

This particular green bike looks like it’s had quite an adventurous life and after a long barn rest it’s ready for the next phase. Perhaps some nice rides in the park on Sunday. Or maybe put in service as a grocery getter. Whatever lays ahead.

Of course it will need some work before it gets to do anything but at its current bid of $99 I’m sure some industrious mechanic will put it right. Unfortunately it’s local pickup only and on the other side of the country from me.

See the full listing on eBay

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