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Bike News Review – 2/17/13

Bike Share Breakup & Biking Buenos Aires
Bike Commuters – 2/17/13
Sometimes commuting around the city on a free yellow bike just isn’t enough. I know, I know, did I just say that life as a Bike Commuter falls short of the fulfilling my two-wheeled bikey dreams?! Talk about first-world-problems. Wait, wait, cycle people – before you bring me to the masses and start sharpening your guillotines, let me clarify my heretic claims: as lovely as I wish the Mejor en Bici system would be, our relationship has been disappointing, stale, and uneventful. Let me make a list (list lust, yessss, lists!) of why I think the free Buenos Aires bike share and I just didn’t click.

Sanford hopes to extend bicycle trails, improve residents’ health
Fay Observer – 2/17/13
Sanford officials are working on a plan to extend the city’s bicycle trails in hopes of improving residents’ health and providing safe routes for bicycle enthusiasts.

Bicycle Month: Lots of fun with focus on safety
Sun-Sentinel – 2/16/13
What was once Bicycle Week has been expanded into Bicycle Month, a Broward County program that offers more than 30 fun events aimed at bike safety and education, running March 1 to 31. The program, held at city and county parks, is open to all ages and includes bicycle rodeos, recreation rides, nature bike rides, track racing and rides for the physically disabled.

Bay Area Bicycle Theft Victims Band Together, Find Stolen Rides
CBS Local SF – 2/15/13
Bicycle thefts have risen to epidemic levels in much of the Bay Area. Thieves don’t discriminate, everything from top of the line road bikes to the most basic bicycles are stolen.



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