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Bike News Review – 1/6/13

New San Francisco cycling benefit seeks sponsors
Bicycle Retailer – 1/6/13
CycleSF is set for Sunday, April 28, with a fundraising goal of more than $100,000. Money raised will go toward new bike racks in San Francisco’s parks, as well as the Recreation and Parks Department’s scholarship fund that supports recreation programming for low-income children and families.

High School Students Compete in Final Electric Bicycle Competition
Tennessee Today – 1/6/13
High school students have spent this school year designing and assembling electric bicycles, or e-bikes. Now, they get to see whose bike is the best climber, most agile, and fastest.

It’s All in Your Head
Bicycling – 1/4/13
Though it may not look it, this parking lot sits on the cutting edge of brain science. Hill’s students were volunteers in a new study probing the connections between riding, behavior, and brain function. Lindsay Shaw and Alex Thornton, researchers associated with Harvard professor John Ratey, were testing the kids to see if a program of before-school riding improves their brainpower.


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