Bike Shaped Objects

Funky bikes and news
Bike News Review – 1/29/13

Bicycle Maintenance and Repair (Fort Mason Center)
Craigslist – 1/29/13
Learn to maintain and make repairs on any style bicycle. Practice basic maintenance; make roadside repairs; and tune-up a bike. Learn to: check and adjust bearings; true wheels; adjust brakes and gears; clean gears, chains and casettes; and do all external lubrications.

Bicycle Lock Dock and other locking concepts
Bicycle Design – 1/29/13
According to industrial designer Douglas Schaller, “the bicycle theft industry is at least $393 million annually in the United States and the crime costs Americans between $800 and $1 billion.”

Where are the Bicycles in Post-Apocalyptic Fiction?
The Daily Beast – 1/29/13
Is this bias by the authors due to a total lack of bicycles, skate boards, roller skates, and push scooters in their rural or suburban neighborhoods? Am I so out of touch with life in some American states that I’m mistaken in thinking that large areas have no bikes?


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