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A box of bike

boxbikeBike people talk of the glory of the barn find but that pales in comparison to finding an old bike still in it’s original packaging. I can’t think of a sweeter find.

The problem I would have though; Do you build it or leave it in the box. Which is more valuable? Which is a truer piece of history. I hate the idea of a child’s bike with no child to ride it, but sometimes hstory should be preserved as-is. The final decision is up to the buyer.

At first glance it looks like a good deal. The opening bid is 99 cents and shipping is only $25.60. There is however a reserve and I found this very box of bike in an older ad on Craigslist for sale for $400. I wouldn’t go that high, but I’m bottom-feeding cheapskate.

See the full listing on eBay

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