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A surrey with potential on eBay

greensurreyI am not a fan of surrey bikes. They are very heavy, not easy to park and slow as a three-toed sloth. They may be fun for groups on vacation but as personal transport they are almost useless.

However, as the owner of this example figured, it’s a great candidate for an electric assist motor. That’s one way to address the slowness and lack of hill climbing ability.

Unfortunately the assist motor was placed on the passenger side so it’s useless unless you have a partner. Also, it has no battery, wiring or brake cables. But with those added the seller claims that it “should be ready to go.” Not exactly overflowing with confidence.

But what’s a cool bike without a challenge? If I had the storage space I wouldn’t mind taking this project on. With just under three days left the current bid is $112. The buy it now price is $1000 and the reserve is unknown. It’s not worth a thousand but it might be worth half that.

See the full eBay listing

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