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cowboyI am seriously not a fan of bikes covered with fur and junk. I’ve picked up a couple of ex-burning man bikes that were way more work than they were worth. But this thing is a work of art. I guess it’s a matter of execution.

I’ve seen a few cowboy bikes around town and some are OK and some are just silly. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.) This is the first low rider cowboy bike and for me it works. There’s something about the contrast of the chopper style and the horse style that complement each other rather than conflict. Maybe the extra effort of not having the fur all one color is what makes it.

The other cool thing about this bike is that it isn’t over-valued. The opening bid is only $89.99 and at $99.99 the seller won’t be making a profit on the shipping.

See the full eBay listing

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