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Bike News Review – 12/10/12

North Liberty to review ordinance saying bicycles not allowed on some streets
The Gazette – 12/10/12
Bicyclists may soon have more freedom to ride on North Liberty streets. The City Council is being asked to remove a section of the city code that says bicyclists cannot ride on the road when there is a “usable path” along the roadway. The code does not make clear what constitutes a “usable path,” but the city administrator in a memo to council members references trails.

City of Philadelphia Wants To Get ‘Instant’ Bicycle Rentals Rolling
CBS Philly – 12/10/12
The next and latest transportation option may allow Philadelphians to — without getting arrested — grab a bike from a street corner when they need one, then leave it somewhere else when they’re done.

Rules of the Road: At what point do I need to stop for a pedestrian?
The News Tribune – 12/9/12
If a pedestrian or a bicyclist is on the sidewalk approaching the intersection/crosswalk and appears to be planning to cross the street, the car(s) nearest to the pedestrian/bicyclist need to stop to allow them to cross. Once they have started across, the rest of RCW 46.61.235 applies. If we look at the RCW as written and didn’t look at the approach to the roadway, a pedestrian would never be able to cross the street.
(Translation: always)

Bicycle industry looks for ways to promote tourism in Montana
Revalli Republic – 12/9/12
National and international research shows bike touring has grown rapidly in the past three years, despite the global economic setback. In the past two years, the U.S. Bicycle Route system has 41 states involved in planning and signing travel networks. Individual states have developed their own bike routes or banded together, such as the Lake Michigan bike system involving Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin.



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