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Bike News review – 12/4/12

9 new indicators that bicycle travel and tourism are booming
Adventure Cycling – 12/4/12
As 2012 winds down, bicycle tourism and travel are zooming upward. Recent studies and stories from around the world indicate that bicycle travel of all kinds — short trips and long, luxury and cheap, big events and small tours — is enjoying the kind of popularity not seen since the 1970s, when bike touring experienced a major renaissance. Here are 9 new indicators that bike travel and tourism are booming:


More bicycle traffic signals getting green light in cities across U.S.
Daily Mail – 11/3/12
An increasing number of U.S. cities are getting the green light for traffic lights designed to accommodate bicycles on roadways and intersections. At least 16 cities are now seen sporting the lights that follow similar vehicle procedures – complete with the price of a traffic ticket if caught in violation.

Bike Skills: Ride Through the Snow – 11/30/12
To have fun in the snow, slow down and enjoy the experience.



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