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Another cool, but not cheap, antique bike on eBay.

OK, I know, two in a row bikes that do not fit the cheap bike description. The current bid plus shipping for this bike are well over $300. I guess I’m outing myself as an oldyfile, but just look at this beauty.

That’s not the wheel in back. Those “spokes” hold the thin wooden fender in place. The same treatment is given to the chain guard. It does make me wonder if both were once covered in a fabric of some sort for added protection for the lady rider’s skirts.

I also love the leather pouch under the saddle that look remarkably like a holster.

I couldn’t find out much about the makers, Frye & Phipps, other than they were tool makers in the 1700’s and branched out into other metalwork in the 1800’s. That’s a fairly standard background for a company dabbling in bikes about the turn of the 20th century. With all the detail work needed to build this one it must have been expensive and apparently not very profitable.

See the full listing on eBay.









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