Bike Shaped Objects

Funky bikes and news
Bike News Review – 11/16/12

Did the invention of the bicycle cause a sexual revolution?
News Fix – 11/16/12
Are we humans still evolving? Scientists support that idea. But instead of trying to imagine how weird we’re gonna look in the future, let’s go back in time; not with a DeLorean, but with a bike.

Here’s How to Get All Your Timid Friends on Bikes
The Atlantic Cities – 11/15/12
What I heard from several people was the same thing I always hear: I’m uncomfortable biking in traffic. I don’t know the right route to take. I haven’t been on a bike in years. I need to dress for work. It seems intimidating. I’m scared. These barriers are real. Their persistence even in the face of a complete regional transportation meltdown should be sobering to anyone who cares about making bicycles a more common mode of transportation.


When bicycles pass on the left
Sydney Morning Herald – 11/14/12
One of the best things about riding a bike in heavy traffic is being able to overtake cars on the left hand side.

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