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Bike News Review – 11/9/12

Capitol Corridor And San Joaquin Trains Welcoming Bicycle Commuters
KOLO – 11/9/12
Rail passengers now have extra space to securely store bikes that previously spilled into aisle-ways, as Caltrans nearly doubles the bicycle capacity on Capitol Corridor and San Joaquin trains.


Can Bicycle Travel Save Small Town America?
Mother Earth News – 11/9/12
A pair of cycling partners believes bicycle travel can save small town America, and is promoting this philosophy in a short video, “Bicycles and Small Town America.”

Safety Bike 2.0
Bike Hugger – 11/9/12
The Sorry, Didn’t See You Mate article from London Cyclist raises a lot of interesting points and we’ve seen some of them before in cyclist visibility studies; as well as that YouTube video with the basketball gorilla. It also reminds me about a safety focus, or lack thereof in the industry. Related too is a product like the ICEDot, that’s seeking community funding. Because, I guess, the product is a nonstarter with helmet manufactures.






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