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Remarkably Unremarkable Chinese Bike on eBay

I have an odd affection for Chinese bicycles. I see them occasionally on the bike paths of San Francisco and their owners are always smiling ear-to-ear.

Another reason is that Chinese bikes are the anti-Amsterdam bikes. They are basically the same utilitarian machines but the hipsters haven’t jumped on the Chinese bike band wagon which makes them much more attractive to me.

Then there are the mechanics. The Chinese know how to build a chain guard. Nobody’s pants are getting anywhere near that chain. Finally, and I don’t know why this gets to me, is the brake. No wimpy cable for this sturdy bike. The brakes are activated with a mighty steel rod attached to levers which could easily double as handlebars. That’s cool.

If I were to buy this bike I would however change that basket for something ruggeder.

See the full listing on eBay









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