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After Hurricane Sandy, Bicycles Prove Invaluable To Locals
Gas 2 – 11/8/12
Last week Hurricane Sandy ravaged areas of the East Coast, especially New Jersey and New York, leaving roads closed, public transportation swamped, and over 15,000 cars destroyed. This left people with a serious transportation problem…at least those who didn’t invest in a bicycle. As many people sat in gridlock or waited hours in line for the bus, those who rode bicycles on the regular managed to avoid the worst of it.


Alameda briefs: Police to launch two bike safety programs
Mercury News – 11/8/12
Officers will reward middle and high school kids who are riding independently and show safe cycling skills with a “Tucker’s Token” for a free ice cream cone at Tucker’s Ice Cream on Park Street.The police are also launching a “bicycle traffic school.” The school will be available for cyclists who have received a moving citation, allowing them an option to attend a two-hour bicycle safety class instead of paying a traffic fine.

Fuel prices dip in California – Gas vs. Bike
Bike Commuters – 11/8/12
As the prices of gas rise and fall in California like my head nodding off during weekly office meetings, we can’t help but wonder if more people will choose the bike over fueling up at the pump this Autumn.

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